PCB Manufacturing, PCB SMT and PCB Assembly Service Supplier:

PCB manufacturing service and PCB SMT/Assembly is standard service from PCBZOO, which is a house in China to help you all about PCB including PCB manufacturing and Assembly service. Our goals is solve all the problems from our PCB customers, like PCB manufacturing, PCB SMT/Assembly, Cables Assembly, but to help your more and offer One-Stop electronic manufacturing service, now PCBZOO have started to provide PCB Design, PCB Layout even PCB solution and Electronic solution, we also would like to build a electronic community which can help to solve electronic solution and provide electronic design jobs for electronic designers, that will be a very nice house. If you are interested, please send email to info@pcbzoo.com or Partners@pcbzoo.com now for more details, we are always here for you. Let's Do It Together,wowowo~~~!

PCB  manufacturing Service Profile

PCBZOO is a high-quality printed circuit boards fabrication, SMT, assembly and electronic parts sourcing services supplier in ShenZhen where electronic industry is very developed. Since our PCB manufacturing factory establish in 2005, we have helped thousands of electronic engineers, purchasers of electronic industry and electronic hobbyists, from education institutions to business, to develop innovative applications that transform their products and the industry in which they operate. That is not all, because a very important situation is that 1000+ PCB manufacturing and PCB SMT/Assembly  traders purchase PCB, do SMT and assembly in our factory so that they can provide PCB service for their PCB customers. So you will know we have quality PCB products and competitive PCB price.

PCB SMT/Assembly Service Profile

Lots of Chinese PCB SMT and PCB assembly service supplier can't provide high quality PCBA products, in particular for PCB prototyping and small batch run, they have no patience and profit to take more time, purchase high technology PCB SMT and assembly machine in PCB SMT/Assembly Service, so the PCB assembly industry in  USA, Europe and Australia are more competitive even it have a low cost in China. But now we would like to be a very competitive PCB SMT/Assembly service supplier in China. PCBZOO have high technology SMT equipments so that we can do 0201 and BGA SMT, meanwhile we have lots of much electronic experience worker,  they are able to finish THT(Through Hole Technology) jobs very well. Now PCBZOO provide PCB prototype assembly, small batch ruan and mass products, hope we can help you more.

PCB design, layout, solution service

PCB design, layout and electronic solution service are developing very fast so that we need lots of PCB design engineers and electronic engineers to help us provide these electronic service, because we have fews of electronic engineers work on these jobs. But we have lots electronic design companies as partners which can help our customers, and our partners are professional for example, one of them may have 30+ experience in power supply circuit, audio design or RF circuit. so don't hesitate to contact us for help.

PCB SMT Workshop

PCB SMT workshop is a house that PCB SMT worker work on PCB SMT, which have lots of high technology PCB SMT quipments and machine

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PCB Assembly Workshop

PCB Assembly Workshop with modern technology can help our PCB assembly worker provide better PCB products with less time.

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Review from Danielle with Power Supply PCB

It is very good job, and PCBZOO help me to finish my first power supplier design, thanks bob and PCBZOO.

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PCB Drill Machine

PCB Drill Machine is to drill holes in PCB, like PTH holes, and it mean mechanical drilling when we say drill machine.

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PCB Manufacturing Workshop

PCB manufacturing workshop is very important which including lots of PCB manufacturing machine, like Grinding Machine, Etching Machine and so on

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