Workshop of PCBZOO was build as international standard with high technology, and the reasonable planning  of PCB factory had helped us improve PCB manufacturing efficiency and quality, so that we can provide good quality PCB products and quick turnaround. Meanwhile the safe manufacturing workshop make we have a long-term development.

You can see some pictures of our workshop to know more about us, but don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more, meanwhile welcome you to our workshop.

PCB SMT Workshop

PCB SMT workshop is a house that PCB SMT worker work on PCB SMT, which have lots of high technology PCB SMT quipments and machine

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PCB Assembly Workshop

PCB Assembly Workshop with modern technology can help our PCB assembly worker provide better PCB products with less time.

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PCB Manufacturing Workshop

PCB manufacturing workshop is very important which including lots of PCB manufacturing machine, like Grinding Machine, Etching Machine and so on

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