Ceramic PCB Manufacturing

As Ceramic PCB manufacturer, PCBZOO can fabricate thick film ceramic PCB, thin film ceramic PCB, DCB ceramic PCB, Silver Palladium ceramic PCB and Gold Palladium ceramic PCB, etc.

Ceramic substrates is refers to the direct bonding to the copper foil in the high temperature alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate surface (single side or double side) the special process on the plate. Ultra-thin composite substrate are made with good electrical insulating performance, high thermal conductivity properties, excellent soft soldering resistance and high adhesion strength, and is like a PCB can be carved a variety of graphics, has a great deal of current-carrying capacity. Ceramic substrates, therefore, has become a high-power power electronic circuit structure and interconnection technology based materials

Features of ceramic PCB

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Good heat conductivity
  • Anti-erosion
  • Good surface properties, excellent flatness and flatness
  • Good thermal shock effect
  • Low degree of bend
  • Under the environment of high temperature stability
  • Can be processed into a variety of complex shapes

Application of Ceramic PCB

  • The high power semiconductor module; semiconductor cooler, electric heater; power control circuit, power hybrid circuit.
  • The intelligent power module; high frequency switching power supply, solid state relay.
  • The automotive, aerospace and military electronic components.
  • The solar panel assembly; telecommunications PBX, receiving system; laser Industrial Electronics

Ceramic substrate

According to different manufacturing method of circuit layers(conducting layer) on ceramic substrate, which have about  five different varieties:

  • HTFC(Hight-Temperature Fusion Ceramic)

    HTFC called high temperature fused ceramic substrate, high temperature insulation and heat conduction of the AL2O3 or AIN ceramic substrate using single or double plate, printing technology, printing materials will Gao Chuandao into line, sintering sintering furnace is placed in the 850~950 degrees C, can be completed
  • LTCC(Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic)

    LTCC also known as LTCC substrates, this technology must first be inorganic alumina powder and more 30%~50% glass material with organic binder, the mixed slurry is called mud installed, then use the scraper to scrape the slurry into sheets, followed by a drying process of sheet forming a slurry thin pieces of embryo, and then according to the design of each layer of the drill holes, as each layer of transmission signal, inside LTCC using screen printing technology, respectively in the embryo on pore filling and printed circuit, and electrode can use silver, copper, gold and other metals, the layer laminated action, sintering sintering furnace is placed in the 850~900 degrees C, can be completed.
  • HTCC(Hight-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic)

    LTCC Also known as low temperature co-firing multilayer ceramic substrate, the technology must be will inorganic alumina powder with the first 30% ~ 50% In the glass Materials with organic binder, The mixing called for mud pack size, Then use the scraper scraping paste flakes. again Through a drying process will flake pulp formed thin pieces of embryo, Then according to the design of each layer drill guide hole, As each The signal transmission, LTCC Internal wiring with screen printing technology, born in embryo do fill in the hole and printed circuit, inside The outside electrode can be respectively used silver, copper, gold and other metals, finally will do laminated layers, placed in 850 ~ 900 ° C The burning Knot in the furnace sintering molding, can be completed
  • DBC(Direct Bonded Copper)

    DBC is directly connected to the copper substrate, the high insulation of AL2O3 or AIN ceramic substrate coated with single or double copper metal after heating by high temperature environment, 1065~1085 ~ C, the copper metal because of high temperature oxidation, and the spread of AL2O3 material (Eutectic) Eutectic melt, copper metal ceramic substrate adhesion, shape ceramic composite metal substrate, according to circuit design, etching line with.
  • DPC(Direct Plate Copper)

    DPC also known as direct copper substrate, the ceramic substrate pretreatment cleaning, using thin film manufacturing technology - vacuum coating on ceramic substrate sputtering on copper metal composite layer, and then coated with a photoresist photolithography exposure, developing, etching, to film process to complete the line, and finally to plating / electroless deposition increase line thickness, to resist removal after completion of metal production line.

Tend of ceramic PCB

Ceramic substrate products available, open cooling application the development of the industry, because of the ceramic substrate cooling characteristics, combined with ceramic substrates with high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long service life, the advantages of resistance to voltage, with the improved production technology, equipment, product prices accelerate rationalization, and enlarge the application field of LED industry, such as the indicator of electrical appliances product, car lights, street lamps and outdoor large billboards, etc. Successful development of the ceramic substrate, more will be indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products, LED, broader industry of the future market sectors.
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