HDI PCB Manufacturing

As HDI PCB manufacturer, PCBZOO provide HDI PCB manufacturing service with micro vias down to 4 mil(laser drilling).

What's HDI PCB?

HDI is the abbreviation of high density interconnection, is a kind of production of printed boards (Technology), the use of micro blind hole technology, a line distribution density is relatively high circuit board. HDI designed for compact products designed for small capacity users. It uses modular design, a modular capacity 1000VA (height 1U), natural cooling, can be placed directly into the 19 "rack, 6 modules can be connected in parallel.". The product adopts all digital signal process control (DSP) technology and a number of patented technologies, with a full range of load capacity and strong short-term overload capacity, can not take into account the load power factor and peak factor

HDI custom PCB is widely used to reduce the weight and overall dimensions of products, as well as enhancing the electrical performance of the device. It's regularly found in mobile phones, touch-screen devices, and 4G network communications.

PCBZOOoffers HDI custom PCB fabrication with microvias down to 4 mil; laser drilling is required.

HDI manufacturing Capacility

HDI Structures Type of micorovias Mass production Middle/small batch Prototype Apply to
1+N+1 Blind vias Yes Yes Yes 4 layers+
2+N+2 Blind/Buried staggered vias Yes Yes Yes 6 layers+
2+N+2 Blind/Buried stacked vias Yes Yes Yes 6 layers+
3+N+3 Blind/Buried staggered vias / Yes Yes 8 layers+
3+N+3 Blind/Buried stacked vias / / Yes 8 layers+

HDI Application

Electronic design in the continuous improvement of the performance of the same time, but also in efforts to reduce its size. From mobile phones to smart weapons of small portable products, the "small" is always the same pursuit. High density integration (HDI) technology can make the end product design more compact, while meeting the higher standard of electronic performance and efficiency. HDI is currently widely used in mobile phones, digital (photo) camera, MP3, MP4, notebook computers, automotive electronics and other digital products, which is the most widely used mobile phone applications. The HDI board generally uses the lamination (Build-up) manufacturing, the more the number of layers, the higher the grade plate. HDI ordinary board basically is the 1 layer of high order HDI with 2 or more layer technology, at the same time using laminated holes, electroplating hole filling, direct laser drilling and other advanced technology PCB. High order HDI board is mainly used in 3G mobile phones, advanced digital video camera, IC board, etc.

Development prospect of HDI PCB

Based on high order of HDI board USES - 3 g board or IC loading board, its future is growing so quickly, in the next few years the world 3 g mobile phone growth to exceed 30%, China is about to issue 3 g licences; IC loading board industry consultancy Prismark prediction to China from 2005 to 2010 growth rate of 80%, it represents the PCB technology development direction.

Advantages of HDI PCB

  • Reduce the cost of PCB: when the density of PCB increased by more than eight laminates, to HDI to manufacture, the cost will be more than the traditional complex compression process is low.
  • Increase the line density: the traditional circuit boards and parts of the interconnection
  • It is conducive to the use of advanced construction technology.
  • Have better electrical performance and signal accuracy.
  • Reliability is better
  • Can improve the thermal properties
  • Can improve radio frequency interference / electromagnetic wave interference / electrostatic discharge (RFI/EMI/ESD)
  • Increase design efficiency
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