High Tg PCB Manufacturing

As high Tg PCB manufacturer, PCBZOO offers high-Tg PCBs that have a Tg value of up to Tg 180.

What's the Tg for PCB?

High Tg printed circuit board when the temperature rises to a certain threshold, the substrate will change from the "glass" as "rubbery", this temperature is called the glass transition temperature of the plate (Tg). That is, Tg is the maximum temperature of the substrate to maintain the highest temperature (C). That is to say the common PCB substrate material under high temperature, continuously produce softening, deformation, melting and other phenomena, but also a sharp decline in the mechanical and electrical properties, it would affect the service life of the product (I think you do not want to see their products appear this situation).

Speciality(Advantages) of High Tg PCB

High Tg the main characteristics of PCB general Tg the plate for 130 High ℃ above, Tg Generally greater than 170 ℃, medium Tg About more than 150 ℃. usually Tg p 170 ℃, PCB Printed circuit board, called high Tg Printed circuit board. The substrate Tg Raised, PCB heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to stability characteristics will improve And improve. TG The higher the value, The better the performance of resistance to temperature, Especially in the lead-free process, high Tg Be more widely used. So the general FR - 4 With the high Tg The difference between: In high temperature, Especially in the heat after moisture absorption, Its material mechanical , dimensional stability, adhesion strength, water absorption, thermal decomposition, thermal expansion situations vary, such as high Tg production Significantly better than the ordinary PCB.
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