Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing

What's the rigid-flex PCB?

The birth and development of FPC and PCB, plate led to the soft hard couple, the new product. Therefore, the combination of hard and soft board, it is the flexible circuit board with rigid circuit board, after pressing process, according to the requirements of relevant technology together, forming characteristics of FPC characteristics and PCB circuit boards.

Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing process

Because the combination of hard and soft board is a combination of FPC and PCB, the production of soft and hard binding plate should also have FPC production equipment and PCB production equipment. First, by electronic engineers according to the requirements of drawing with soft plate line and shape, then, can be sent to the production of Flex PCB Factory, after CAM processing, planning engineer of the relevant documents, and then arrange the FPC production line for production of FPC, PCB production of PCB, the two and the soft board and after, in accordance with the requirements of electronic engineers plan, FPC and PCB after pressing machine seamless pressing, after a series of detailed links, and finally process the flex board. A very important part of the hard and soft binding board, more difficult, more details, before shipment, generally have to carry out a full inspection, because of its high value, so as not to cause the loss of relevant interests of both supply and demand.

Application of Rigid-Flex PCB

The characteristics of the soft and hard binding board determines its application field covering all the application areas of PCB in FPC, such as:
  • Mobile phone
  • Key board and side press
  • Computer and LCD screen
  • Main board and display screen, etc.
  • The CD Walkman
  • Disk drive
  • Notebook.

Industrial applications

Industrial applications for industrial uses include industrial, military and medical use of soft and hard. Most of the industrial parts, need accurate, safe, characteristic is not vulnerable to soil, so the characteristics of the soft hard board requirements are: high reliability, high precision, low impedance, complete loss of signal transmission quality, durability. But because the process is complex, the output is less and the price is high

Mobile Phone

In the application of mobile phone mobile phone in the common soft hard board, a folding mobile phone, the turning point of image module, keys and RF module etc.. The advantages of mobile phone use soft hard, one is the integration of mobile phone parts, two is the amount of consideration of signal transmission. At present, mobile phone products, the use of soft hard to replace the original two connectors and soft board, its greatest significance in the product, that can increase the activity of mobile phone folding durability and long-term use of the reliability, so the soft hard because of its high stability and much attention. On the other hand, because of the popular mobile phone camera, plus a mobile phone in the integration of multimedia and mobile phone functions, the internal signal transmission quantity, modular demand generated

Consumer electronic

Consumer electronic products - products, with DSC and DV on the development of soft hard board representative, can be divided into "performance" and "structure" of the two main to discuss. In performance, soft board can connect different stereo PCB PCB and components, so in the same line density can increase the total area of PCB, the relative circuit can improve its carrying capacity, and reduce the contact signal transmission limit and assembly error rate. On the other hand, because the soft and hard board is light and thin, it can flex the wiring, so it is helpful to reduce the volume and reduce the weight.

Auto application

Hard and soft board USES inside the car, Commonly used are connected to the motherboard buttons on the steering wheel, Car video system screen And the control panel of the connection, the side door sound or function key operating connection, reversing radar imaging system, The sensor ( Sensor , including air quality, temperature and humidity, special gas regulation, etc.) , automotive communications systems, satellite navigation, the back control Plate and the front controller connected with boards, use the car detection system, etc
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